Zombie AI simulation


Time: 2 weeks (january 2020)

Team: 2 Designers

Engine: UE4

Behavior Tree

The goal with this prototype was to create a single behavior tree could control and transition between all NPCs.

In the prototype we set up healthy npcs that would roam around and hide from zombies, a couple of zombies that would search for healthy npcs.

When a healthy npc got hit by a zombie they become infected and eventually becomes a zombie. 


Quest System


Time: 1 week

Solo Project

Engine: Unity + C#

Quest System

A simple quest system that is  very world of warcraft inspired. Creating new quests can easily be done using the Questmanager.

The prototype features, accepting, completing from quest npcs. It also features a questlog that displays current quests and previously completed quests.

Completing quests can unlock new follow up quests.The player can also abandon quests.

Package or project avaliable on request.

A* PathFinding


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Solo project, C# and Unity 5.5

A Star Pathfinding

I built and visualized how the A star pathfinding algorithm works in unity using C#. The code will randomize a start and finish node and then visualize how it calculates the shortest path using the A* algorithm. (code written long ago)

Download the Package: