My Roles:

Gameplay Design

Technical Design

Engine: UE4

Team size: 8

Project length: 2 weeks

Date: September 2019

Platform: PC (controller)


Washed-Up is a chaotic pvp, physic based party game. Each players goal is to become employee of the month by saving the most plates spewing out from a broken dishwasher. Stack plates at all costs even if you have to sabotage for your co-workers.

Plate Physics

Catching fully physic based plates was difficult and did not feel fun. To solve this issue we created magnets for each plate and the tray.

The magnets force was tuned enough to make the plates able to stack on each other. But at the same time the player would have to be careful not to drop them. This created a risk and reward moment, for the players. Will they stack more and risk losing all.

Plate Spawner

The game contains five spawn points one above each table. One of these spawners will light up and become a super spawner, increasing the spawn rate by a lot. The super spawner will rotate every few seconds during the match. This is to make the players move more and cause more chaos.

Each time a plate spawns it has a chance to become a golden plate which is worth more points!