Unannounced Project

Survival RPG Game

Stylized Art

Game Designer

Engine: UE5 + AngelScript

Joined: May 2022

Starting Envar Games

I joined Envar in May of 2022 as the studio's first game developer. When I started at Envar the game was just an undeveloped idea with a theme. My assignment was to begin designing and building this game from the ground up.

During my first couple of months, I built all the systems required to test the game in a small scope. With a prototype in place, we were able to start recruiting more people and expand the team for going into pre-production. I helped heavily with recruiting and building a valuable team using my connections and established relationships within the industry.

Outside of developing the game, I acted as an ambassador for Envar by organizing company participation in various networking and recruiting events across the industry for brand recognition and outreach. I have also been mentoring both interns at Envar and students at TGA (The Game Assembly) during my time at Envar.

Unannounced Survival Game

At Envar, we are a team of around 20 developers working on an ambitious exploration / survival game with a stylized art style. I set up most of the initial designs of the game and have had a major part in building the player experience in its current stage. The game has a planned release date of early 2027 and for development we are using Unreal Engine 5 together with Angelscript.

Unfortunately I cannot go into more detail about

this unannounced project without an NDA signed.

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