During 2016 I was working on Meadow at Might and Delight as a Level Designer and Set Dresser. Meadow is a game in the Shelter universe. I was decorating the various environments and areas in the game world.


T.E.G. is a fast-paced third person game of tag with a twist. This was my second group project at Futuregames, my role was Technical Designer and Project Manager.


Here are some more of my smaller Futuregames Unreal and Unity projects and prototypes. I studied Futuregames Game Design from 2019-2021.

Tenet prototype

Prototype of Tenet's time reversal system, made as my Futuregames Degree project. The project was made in Unreal engine as a solo project in winter 2020.

Uppsala University

Some of my first game projects from when I started to study Game Design and Programming at Uppsala University back in 2014-2017.