Level Designer at Might and Delight 2016 working on Meadow a game in the Shelter universe. Designing and decorating the environments of different areas of the game world.


Lead Game and Level designer. Neiva is a 2.5D puzzle sidescroller platformer with a unique teleportation mechanic.

Award: Student Choice award 2016 at GGC

(Gotland Game Conference)

Board games

I also have experience with creating board games. I have developed a Quest based Landscape building board game. A Card Game about commuting, and a board game using an AI component!


Game designer on a chaotic 2-4 players party game. In washed up you are fighting against your colleges to win the title of "employee of the month" in a fancy restaurant.

Summit Chasers

Tech designer and Game designer on Summit Chaser a fast paced race climbing arcade game.

Award: Cha-Ching Award 2015 at GGC

(Gotland Game Conference)


Outside of the games that I have made I have built systems and prototypes. Some of the systems I have built is a fully dynamic Zombie AI system using unreal blackboard, A Quest-Log system with unity and C#.