Level Designer at Might and Delight 2016 working on Meadow a game in the Shelter universe. Designing and decorating the environments of different areas of the game world.

The Hermit

Game designer and project manager on The Hermit an action adventure game. Play as a wandering Hermit in a forest inhabitant of friendly spritis. Help the sprits by defending their forest.


Lead Game and Level designer. Neiva is a 2.5D puzzle sidescroller platformer with a unique teleportation mechanic.

Award: Student Choice award 2016 at GGC

(Gotland Game Conference)

Board Games

I also have experience with creating board games. I have developed a Quest based Landscape building board game. A Card Game about commuting, and a board game using an AI component!

Tenet prototype

Prototype of the Tenets time reversal system, made as my Futuregames Degree project. The project was made in Unreal engine as a solo project in winter 2020.


Game designer on a chaotic 2-4 players party game. In washed up you are fighting against your colleagues to win the title of "employee of the month" in a fancy restaurant.

Summit Chasers

Tech designer and game designer on Summit Chaser, a fast paced race climbing arcade game.

Award: Cha-Ching Award 2015 at GGC

(Gotland Game Conference)


Outside of the games that I have made I have built systems and prototypes. Some of the systems I have built is a fully dynamic Zombie AI system using unreal blackboard, A Quest-Log system with unity and C#.