Tenet prototype

For my Futuregames degree project I created a prototype of the Tenet timetravel system. The project was made in unreal engine as a solo project.

Tenet prototype

Tenet is a Movie from 2020 directed by Christopher Nolan and have a unique twist on time travel. Where objects entropy can be reversed and then travel backwards in time.

My goal with the prototype was to create a system that would try to simulate the effect of the movie, and attempt to use it in a basic gameplay scenario.

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Turnstile Reverse System

For the prototype I tried to Re-create the Tenet Turnstiles as they work in the movie.

In the movie the Turnstiles are what reverses objects entropy making the travel back in time.

When objects have entered the turnstile they will see them self go out from it reversed,

because for them everything is now going backwards in time.


For me to create this system, I started by continously adding a objects transform into an array. I could then use the values from the array to make objects move to where it was the preivous step. After some work I was able to cycle both backwards and forwards using the transform array.

I then continued by doing the same function for the objects velocity and animation to make it move even more smoothly and usable on the player character as well.

Final Thoughts

In the movie you only get one perspective and the story is progressing in a set way, giving a player in a game enviroment full controll over a reverse system like in Tenet would create many difficult design problems to solve. However there are still cases and solutions to where a system like this could be used to create unique gameplay and narrative. Tenet is a complex movie and creating a game that is based on Tenet would be even more complex, but a very intressting challange.