Level Designer

Gameplay Designer

Engine: Unity

Team Size: 7

Award: GGC Student Choice 2016

Project Length: 7 weeks

Platform: PC + controller support


Neiva is a 2.5D sidescroller platform game. Neiva the main character has a unique teleportation ability. Use these teleport abilities to navigate through the level and solve puzzles. The teleport abilities can also be used to trick enemies and avoid traps.

Level Design

While designing the level for Neiva the main goal was to have a great phasing across the level. Increasing the difficulty at a steady rate while at the same time introducing new features and challenges was the key to make the level phasing feel great.

The level contains a forgiving onboarding section, a theme park and action section where the player is challenged in different ways. Lastly they are faced with a more difficult area, where their skills are being tested.


Gameplay Designer

Technical Designer

Engine: Unity

Team Size: 6

Award: GGC Cha-Ching 2015

Project Length: 7 weeks

Platform: Arcade + PC (controller)

Summit Chasers

Summit Chasers is a theme-park arcade 1v1 race-climbing game. Grab the walls and launch yourself up to reach the summit. Explode to stun the opponent to get an advantage.



Summit Chasers was built as an Arcade theme park experience. To set up the cabinet, we used joysticks and buttons connected to aurduino board.

The game was designed to be instantly fun and easy to get into. Summit chasers was built into two versions. A theme park version and quicker party version with diferent physics and levels.

Game Balance

For us to make sure that there was interaction happening between the players and to make comebacks possible for players behind. A catch up mechanic was designed.

While climbing up the player in the lead would have to destroy rocks that blocked the path. This gave the player behind time to catch up and allowed the action between the players to continue.


Landlord's Quest

Board game


Landlords Quest

Landlords Quest is a Terrain building game, the landlord will request different geographic areas that the player must build.

The landlords quests will be open for every player to build, in addition to the open quests each player will have a hidden quest also, that only they can complete.

The rules of the game are very simple and jet offers room for different strategies and approaches. On each players turn they can perform two actions out of three possible. They can place a terrain tile, Draw a Terrain tile or Force trade a tile with another player.

Date: 2015

Time: 1 weeks

Team size: 4

Players: 2-6

Playtime: 15-30min

Ages: 8+

Landlords quest was further developed and renamed, to Terrene and is now available as a print and play.

Link to Terrene

A* PathFinding


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Solo project, C# and Unity 5.5

A Star Pathfinding

I built and visualized how the A star pathfinding algorithm works in unity using C#. The code will randomize a start and finish node and then visualize how it calculates the shortest path using the A* algorithm. (code written long ago)

Download the Package: