Hi, I'm a Game Designer currently located in my home town Stockholm Sweden, I am now looking for new adventures in the game industry. In the summer of 2021 I finished my Internship at Hazelight and graduated from Futuregames as a Game Designer. I have also previously studied Game Design and Programming at Uppsala University.

My passion for game development is based on problem solving and the search for creative solutions that builds excellent gameplay. I consider myself a Gameplay designer, I love everything about creating games from scripting and level design to designing systems and player progression, and everything in between. I am dedicated to shape great experiences across all projects I work on, Communication is the key to success. I have an eye for details, and also capable of seeing broadly through the bird eye view.

My interests for game design extends outside of game development. In the past I have been leading successful raiding guilds and played in a one of the top guild in World of Warcraft. I have also hosted multiple Super Smash Bros tournaments. Outside of games I enjoy Bouldering, Movies, skiing, Biking and going on walks. My most recent hobby is Chess and Running!