Hi! My name is Love Åkerlund, and I am a Game Designer located in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m currently working at Envar Studio where I am a part of building and designing an unannounced survival / exploration game from the ground up. I joined Envar about two years ago and was actually the very first game developer on the game team. Previously I worked at Hazelight on “It Takes Two” and briefly on their following project. I have also studied Game Design at Futuregames and Uppsala University.

I am very passionate about game design and development because I love to create memorable experiences and solve problems by finding creative solutions. I consider myself a gameplay designer at heart: I love everything about creating games from scripting to player progression, level and system design, and anything in between.

My interest for game design extends outside of my game development career. In the past, I founded and led successful raiding guilds in World of Warcraft and I played in some of the top guilds in the world. I have also hosted multiple Super Smash Bros tournaments. Other than that, in my free time, I enjoy going to the gym, skiing, running, and going to the movies. Currently I am also playing a lot of Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons.