Company: Might and Delight

Role: Level Designer

Date: 2016 June-September

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Might and Delight

During the Summer of 2016 I got the opportunity to work on Meadow as a Level designer at Might and Delight. During my time there I learned a lot and got to work with an established team.


Meadow is a relaxed-social game in the Shelter universe. Meadow features a large open world, where you roam as an animal around in search for companionship in your adventure.

Level Design

My task working on Meadow was to build and dress a huge open world to look esthetically pleasing.

The world is built up by areas for each season of the year. Within each of the areas I created multiple different locations to explore.

I designed rocky mountain paths, deep and endless forests, magical open fields, mysterious cave rooms and much more.